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Thursday 25 April 2019
Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
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Core Care Standards Development

Core Care Standards


Core Care Standards came from a review of the Care Programme Approach (CPA) in mental health services, which identified the need for a consistent approach to standards across the Trust, including not just mental health services, but also substance misuse services, services for people with a learning disability, and services for children.


In June 2011, a Project Group, led by Project Manager Kate Majid, began work on developing core care standards to cover all our services. The project group had representatives from all service areas, and crucially included service user representatives. After looking at the common standards that covered all services, 20 areas were identified, which were divided into 8 care standards and 12 principles which applied to all of them. When draft standards and principles had been developed, a Stakeholder day was held in October 2011 that had six workgroups, covering childrens services, Child and Adolescent mental health services (CAMHS), learning disability services, entry services, inpatient services, community mental health services, with staff, patients and their families involved. These developed the additional standards that apply in each type of service, that supplement the core care standards.


The Project Group decided that to make the standards accessible to staff, patients, carers and families and the public, the only effective way would be to have them on a website. As the main Trust website was being re-developed and wouldn't be ready in time to launch the standards in April 2012, a new website was developed. The Communications department built and populated this. This now links to the re-launched main Trust website.


Staff across the Trust were trained in the Core Care Standards and Principles, the method depending on the role. Some staff had cascade training, some accessed e-learning, but most clinical staff had 2 hour training sessions in their teams. Click here to see the training handbook. Many partners and others accessed the online training as well.

An e-learning is being developed for staff, and Core Care Standards are included in relevant training across the Trust.


The standards were launched on 2nd April 2012, with publicity across Derbyshire. Posters were published round the Trust, a booklet was produced of all the standards, and banner pens containing the standards and principles were circulated widely to staff and partners.

Resources that support the core care standards

Resources that support the standards all have the apple 'kite mark' on to indicate this. These include:


The Website won an awards in 2012 from the CPA Association for 'Excellence in CPA information for service users and carers', and the Core Care Standards have won 'Excellence in CPA Standards'. 

"In essence, core care standards brings together standards of service delivery. It is not what the Trust 'wishes' to provide, but what it 'does' provide. It is a real commitment to honesty, openess and transparency. It is a dynamic concept - and I am confident that over time the Trust will seek to drive its standards higher. I believe the core care standards and the website are something the Trust can be justifiably proud of and I congratulate them" Service Receiver

Maintenance and development since the launch

The Core Care Standards and CPA Service took over the site in July 2012, and continue to maintain, develop and update it. The standards and website are publicised at relevant events, such as the monthly Trust Induction days, the Big Health day for people with a learning disability, Carers Days, DORA day etc.

New developments to support the standards include:

To find out more

If you'd like to find out more about the standards or the website, please ring the Core Care Standards and CPA Service on 01246-515974 corecarestandards@derbyshcft.nhs.uk or contact:  Wendy Slater wendy.slater@derbyshcft.nhs.uk, or Kate Majid kate.majid@derbyshcft.nhs.uk