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"Social media really is changing our world; it is changing how people with health issues connect with each other, how health practitioners link up and how people who use health and care services and practitioners interact; it is changing how we think about health and healthcare and how we can go about improving things. In the old days, each of us worked in our own (limited) fields of influence and built relationships with people we were in direct contact with. Now we can learn from, share with and build solidarity with others with the same interests or issues in our own localities or all over the globe." Helen Bevan

Core Care Standards are on Twitter as @CCareStandards. Find out more about Twitter and Tweeting. Visit #WeNurses Twitterversity 

Introduction to social media for healthcare professionals. See the Social Media Guide by V Betton and V Tomlinson on Social media in mental health practice: online network tools for recovery and living well (PDF). Why you should be convincing your CEO and senior executive to take to Twitter. Slaying the Myths of social media.