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Co-ordination - your care will be co-ordinated

Staff coordinating patient

Any care process is improved by having a co-ordination role. Co-ordination of care means that a named worker will oversee your care and treatment, keep in close contact with you, and liaise with others involved. Sometimes they have other responsibilities – see your service page for more information.

The way co-ordination works will be different in different services:

  • For people with a mental health problem, you will have either a CPA Care Co-ordinator or a lead professional

  • For children or young people you might have a Lead Professional if you need the support of the Common Assessment Framework Children (CAF)

  • For people with a learning disability, you may have a Care Co-ordinator if you need CPA


Whatever the system or name, they are there to make sure that services work for you, and that you have continuity in your care, treatment and support because of good communication between you and all of those who provide it.

'My mental health care worker is excellent so caring and will help in any way that she can if I have a problem.' Service User 2012
'Contact with Care Co-ordinator... very regular and supportive' Service user 2013


  • Having a named person and their contact details known to everyone involved

  • A shared understanding of the co-ordinators role and responsibilities.



  • Keeping in touch with the person and their family/carers

  • Knowing about the situation, and any changes, and keeping others informed

  • Making sure there is a care plan which is reviewed regularly

  • Handing over the role as necessary to someone else

  • Working in partnership with Primary Care, Social Care, and other agencies.


For you (the person using the service) this role would include making sure that:

  • your plan is agreed and happens

  • your plan is regularly reviewed and updated

  • you and your relatives/carers are involved (as much as you want/are able to be) in everything that happens

  • everyone involved in the care plan knows what’s happening.

If you require any information about our policies please contact:

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or email:

The way we record will depend on your needs and what works best for you – these are some examples we might use:

Circle of Support - learning disabilities

Contacts List form L

Case conference report

CAF documentation

CPA4CAMHS documentation

Care Co-ordinators Underpinning Knowledge (CPA level 2)

CPA Standards and Update (CPA level 1)

Bite size training: Care Co-ordination

Safeguarding Level 3 training

Children’s Assessment Framework Training

PMHW Training

Care Quality Commission Essential Standards of Quality and Safety - Outcome 4 Care and Welfare of people who use services, and Outcome 6 Co-operating with other providers

Care Co-ordination, Core Functions and Competencies for CPA  

Effective Care Co-ordination for CPA

The Department for Education role of the CAF lead professional