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Discharge and transfer - we will make sure your transfer or discharge works well

Patient being discharged

We want to make sure that if you need to move between services, or when you no longer need our support, that the process works smoothly and well for you. This might be when you leave hospital, change staff or services, or leave a service.

Any transition, whether discharge or transfer, may carry risks, which need to be managed.

It’s important that the process is clear and that everyone understands it.

 Discharges and transfers will:

  • Be planned and prepared for

  • Involve the person in planning them

  • Be co-ordinated by a named person

  • Include follow up where relevant

  • Be agreed and co-ordinated with other organisations or services where needed, such as general or specialist inpatient services

  • Include good liaison with GP’s and Primary Care Services, including informing them of any significant changes to care, discharges or transfers

  • Record any information that’s been transferred, such as summaries, relapse indicators or advance directives

  • Include suggestions for access to other support where appropriate

  • Have access to support from managers with the process

  • Follow clear access criteria

  • Involve the person's family/carers, taking into account issues of confidentiality,


The plan will include:

  • The reason for the discharge or transfer

  • Where from, where to, when and how

  • Any follow-up needed

  • A clear summary of the outcome

  • Who needs to know about the discharge or transfer

  • Any medicines that were used and whether there have been any changes to the prescription

  • Any support needed if the person has a caring role       


Records Standards:

Records Standard 10: ‘The clinical and practice record to contain discharge/transfer/leave information’

If you require any information about our policies please contact:

Freedom of Information
Ashbourne Centre
Kingsway Site
Derby DE22 3LZ
or email:

the way we record will depend on your needs and what works best for you – these are some examples we might use:

Discharge/Leave form DL

Discharge Transfer form

Training for staff:

Care Co-ordinators Underpinning Knowledge (CPA level 2)

CPA Standards and Update (CPA level 1)

Out of Contact Bite size Training (mental health service users)

  • Care Co-ordinators Underpinning Knowledge (mental health service users)

  • Out of Contact Bite size Training (mental health service users).


Principles of discharge planning

A Positive Outlook – a good practice toolkit to improve discharge from inpatient mental health care

Transitions in Mental Health Care - A guide for health and social care professionals on the legal framework for the care, treatment and support of young people with emotional and psychological problems during their transition years

Mind Rights Guide to Discharge 

Transition Guides from the Transition Information Network for young disabled people