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Review - We will check that things are working for you

Reviewing progress

Any plan of care needs to be monitored and evaluated to see how it’s working. It will get out of date in time, and needs to be reviewed regularly to make sure it’s still right. It’s important to check that you are happy with the way things are going.

Reviews should be designed around the needs of the person concerned, and should include contributions from everyone involved in the care plan. Review is an ongoing process, and not necessarily a single meeting.

We want to make sure that your care plan is implemented, flexible, regularly reviewed for effectiveness, changed if it turns out it's not working, and kept up to date to support your changing needs. Reviews are the way we do this.  Having a copy of your care plan with you when you attend appointments is a good way for you to refresh what your goals are and what you want to achieve.  The important message is review your care plan constantly, that way you will always be progressing.

  When held:

  • at least once a year, or more often, based on need

  • if the person or anyone involved in providing a service asks for a review urgently if:

  • the person wishes to withdraw from their care plan, or part of it, or discharges themselves from hospital against medical advice         

  • there are specific circumstances where informal carers or relatives should be told if you are in difficult place, why we do this is to help them support you and achieve wellness.  There will be periods when you are in a dark place or sad place and the people who are important to you are key to helping you move forward        

  • there is any sudden major change in their mental health, personal or social circumstances. This can sometimes be a sign that you are in a period of instability and we need to review your plan with you and the person that is important to you



  • Organised by a health professional        

  • Agreed in advance (date, time and place)

  • Held in a way that means people can get the most out of the review meeting       



  • Updating the care plan and services provided based on what needs and goals we’ve identified with you

  • Recorded and our joint plan shared with the people who are involved with providing your care        


Including such as:

  • Recent Progress and your achievements       

  • Physical and Mental Health. We will contact your GP before your review to make sure we know about any relevant treatment

  • Treatment, including medicines prescribed and being taken, and any associated testing. We will reconcile  medication in our records at least every 12 months to make sure we know what you've been prescribed 

  • How we will support you and others if you have specific needs such as neglect or harm from others       

  • Day time Activities

  • Family/Carer perspectives and how we will ensure they are included

  • Your safety plan and how we work together to keep you safe        

  • Any legal requirements

  • Ongoing support

  • Anything else in the care plan that is important to you        


review tool

Your review

A review is a chance to see how the plan is working, and your care plan should be reviewed regularly with you, at least once a year. Before your review, think about how you feel about how things are going:

Are the services working? 

·         Are they the right services?

·         Are they helping you to reach your aims?

·         What else would help?

Click here for the 'How well is my plan working?' grid which your health professional may use with you.  Or you can download a copy of the Your Care booklet.

Don't forget, you can bring someone with you to a review who knows that you think.  You might also like to read our information leaflet on Advocacy.

Click here to see our leaflet - How to get more out of your appointment with your psychiatrist