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Recovery and wellbeing - we will try to help people be as well as they can be

Original painting by Clare
Original painting by Clare

We want to make sure that your health and wellbeing is as good as it can be. We are committed to a recovery focused approach to services, which includes the use of:

  • Recovery tools and techniques

  • Staying well and wellbeing approaches

  • Health promotion initiatives such as smoking cessation, physical health etc.

We want to support people to fulfil their potential by:
  • Achieving personal development aims, needs and wishes

  • Accessing meaningful occupation, education, employment and learning

  • Accessing community services and amenities

  • Promoting wellness and recovery

  • Promoting and understanding meaning and purpose in life.

    Click here for our 5 Ways to Wellbeing booklet

Original painting by Lisa
Original painting by Lisa


Recovery is a concept that recognises that people can be in control of their lives despite mental health problems, and can regain a meaningful life despite a serious mental illness.

Components of the process of recovery:

  1. Finding and maintaining hope – believing in oneself; having a sense of personal agency; optimistic about the future;
  2. Re-establishment of a positive identity – finding a new identity which incorporates illness, but retains a core, positive sense of self;
  3. Building a meaningful life – making sense of illness, finding a meaning in life despite illness, engaged in life;
  4. Taking responsibility and control - feeling in control of illness and in control of life. 
    (after Andresen, Oades & Caputi, 2003 Making Recovery a Reality,Sainsbury 2008)

Click here for My Recovery Plan booklet (PDF version. You can print off this copy and write on it)

Healthy Lifestyles

Keeping Well

Being healthy isn’t just about fitness; it’s about physical, mental, and emotional well-being.  

For more information about Keeping well see the section on the website or go to the Live Well section on the NHS website

You can also visit our Recovery and Wellbeing Centre for more information

Health Promotion

Health promotion is about:

  • keeping healthy
  • living a healthy lifestyle
  • preventing illness, and
  • preventing any existing illness from becoming worse.

It includes issues such as: diet, obesity, smoking, exercise, alcohol and drugs, preventing heart disease, cervical screening, breast screening, sun and health, well woman, well man, immunisation, sexual health etc

Recovery picture

Recovery and Wellbeing Centre

At Derbyshire Healthcare Foundation Trust we have developed a Recovery and Wellbeing Centre.  This is an online resource which offers information, advice and useful guides to support you in your wellbeing and Recovery.

The Recovery and Wellbeing Centre includes:

  • Recovery tools to help you work out what helps you stay well

  • Information about group and activities near where you live

  • Information about our hospital services

  • Five Ways to Wellbeing

  • How to access support

  • Help to stay well and manage your health

  • Help to ask questions about your care

  • Information for Carers and Families


Click here to visit the Recovery and Wellbeing Centre