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Additional core care standards for mainstream schools clinical support


  • we will work to the Healthy Child Programme guidance

  • strategies for the management of joint cases will be recorded where the situation is complex, or there is a high risk of poor outcomes for children and parents (where the parents have mental health problems).


Care planning

When working with families where the parents have mental health problems, care planning needs to be flexible enough to meet the needs of each individual family member as well as the family as a whole, and staff will aim to increase resilience and reduce stressors. Increasing every family member's understanding of a parent's mental health problem can strengthen their ability to cope.

We will take special account of a child’s/young person’s ability to consent, and work closely with them and their family.


  • children in care reviews will be held at least every year

  • children in need reviews will be held at least every 6months.



Representation from children’s health services is expected at all core group conferences.


Discharge and transfer

  • we will ensure that transition from children’s to adult services for Children in Care and specialist services is smooth and effective

  • there is an information sharing agreement in place between the Local Authority and the Trust for new school starters in order to transfer records from health visiting teams to school health teams.

  • children are not discharged from the service until they leave full time education or they are a Child in Care.

  • records are reviewed by the Health Visitor prior to transfer to the school health team.


Families and carers

No additional standards. 


Involvement and choice

No additional standards.



No additional standards.


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