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Our Service

One in 10 children and young people have a diagnosable mental health condition while similar numbers with less serious mental health problems will need help at some point during their development (Audit Commission 1999).

The specialist Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service is committed to providing comprehensive and targeted treatments, delivered in the heart of our communities, which positively impact upon the emotional and psychological wellbeing of children and young people.

Over half of all adults with mental health problems were diagnosed in childhood with less than half treated appropriately at the time. For example, it is a sad fact nearly 80,000 children and young people nationally suffer from severe depression, with over 8,000 of those aged 10 or under. Our key strength is in keeping the child, young person and their family at the heart of everything we do. We are able to deliver thorough assessments and a range of therapeutic interventions for children presenting with significant mental health issues. We are dealing with an increasing number of referrals, with more than 2,000 children and young people referred to us in the last year alone.

Our part in ‘Comprehensive CAMHS’

We recognise that in an area as complex as children’s mental health, effective partnership working is crucial to ensuring the best possible outcomes. Children’s mental health is ‘Everybody’s Business’ (Bright Futures Report, Mental Health Foundation 1999), so a lot of support should be offered to children and young people by focusing on both the emotional and psychological well-being of children and young people within the wider ‘comprehensive CAMHS’ framework. Our part of this is delivered via specialist clinics within Derby City and southern Derbyshire which provide direct therapy and mental health support, as well as supporting our colleagues in primary care and universal services via our Primary Mental Health Worker services. We also have very close links with children’s health services in the community and in hospital settings, and with local authority children and young people’s departments.

In addition, we contribute to a number of existing inter-agency programmes within the region organised by the CAMHS Partnerships. Our staff also provide formal consultation for a variety of primary care and universal services staff to discuss issues arising from their work with children and young people.

Covering the whole of southern Derbyshire, our service is tremendously experienced and exceptionally focused. We are committed to providing services at the lowest possible levels of intervention, and delivering those services in local areas of the community including family homes.

Our services are provided in line with the National Service Framework for Children (DoH 2004) and we strive to adhere to NICE guidelines to ensure we are providing the most up to date evidence-based practice. Routine outcome measures such as HoNOSCA, C-GAS, SDQ and CHI-ESQ are used to monitor and ensure the best possible quality of therapeutic interventions. We will be extending the range of outcome measures used across the service as IAPT-CYP becomes more embedded in our wider practice.

Specialist CAMHS

Our specialist CAMHS teams employ a range of highly qualified and specialist clinicians and therapists. We maintain close links with adult mental health services and our colleagues in the Early Interventions in Psychosis Service (EIPS), as well as Youth Offending Teams and Young People’s Substance Misuse services.

Our assessments and subsequent care delivery follows the nationally recognised Choice and Partnership Approach  (CAPA) to ensure speedy access to the right level of service for the individual and family needs. We also provide a flexible out-of-hours service access including after school and evening services.

We are able to offer a wide range of services which include:

  • Primary Mental Health Workers - supporting primary care and universal services staff who have ‘front-line’ contact with children and young people.

  • Specialist CAMHS teams in Derby City and the southern county areas of Derbyshire (covering Erewash, S Derbys and Amber Valley) - providing mental health and therapy services from locality bases (Tier 2/3 services).

  • Dedicated CAMH liaison team - for children and young people who self harm and are admitted to Royal Derby Hospital. This team also provides a wider input to the paediatric areas for consultation.

  • Young People’s Specialist Services (YPSS) - for 16 and 17 year olds in Derby City and southern Derbyshire areas with mental health problems. 

  • CAMHS - LD - a southern county service for children and young people with both a learning disability and mental health problems.


Our staff

The CAMHS teams are made up of highly experienced professionals who are dedicating to putting children and young people at the forefront of all they do. The service benefited from being one of the pilot areas for the New Ways of Working programme which examined workforce planning, recruitment and retention. Our multi-disciplinary staff group consists of:

  • Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists 

  • Specialist CAMHS nurses and a nurse consultant

  • Specialist social care staff and mental health practitioners 

  • Occupational therapists

  • Family and systemic psychotherapists

  • Youth and community workers 

  • Clinical psychologists (in the CAMHS-LD service)

  • Trainees in various professions who work under direct supervision



Each of our locations has dedicated therapeutic facilities including play rooms, family therapy rooms, and family friendly waiting areas.

Guidelines for referring clinicians:

Formal mental health problems which should be directly referred to us include: If in any doubt as to the appropriateness of a referral please discuss the issue with one of our Primary Mental Health Workers.

Training and Research

All CAMHS staff are trained in the mental health care and safeguarding of children and young people. Our staff training and development programme revolves around teamwork and professional needs. Our CAMHS is a key beneficiary of close links with the University of Derby, particularly in the spheres of nurse training, cognitive behavioural therapy, and family therapy.

We are committed to a continual programme of development and improvement, constantly researching new ways of better services and better delivery. We have a team member who is a Diffusion Fellow with the Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Lincolnshire Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care (CLAHRC-NDL). We also have staff who publish and contribute to national and international conferences on various aspects of child mental health.

Contact Us:

Specialist CAMHS is committed to being as accessible as possible and therefore we operate from a number of locations. We also run satellite clinics from a variety of community facilities, but our main bases are:


Century House

100 Nottingham Road,

Long Eaton

NG10 2BZ

Tel: 0115 944 4568


Amber Valley:


Goods Road


DE56 1UU

Tel: 01773 880554 


Derby City:

Temple House

Mill Hilll Lane


DE23 6SA

Tel: 01332 623726

Patient Line: 0300 790 0264


South Derbyshire:

Dale Bank View

Civic Way


DE11 0AB

Tel: 01283 227077


CAMH Liaison Team 

Radbourne Unit

Derby Royal Hospital

Uttoxeter Road

DE22 3LZ

Tel: 01332 623700


CAMHS – LD team

Temple House

Mill Hill Lane


DE23 6SA

Tel: 01332 623726 Main Patient Line: 0300 790 0264


Young Persons Specialist Service

Temple House

Mill Hill Lane


DE23 6SA

Tel: 01332 623726 Main Patient Line: 0300 790 0264